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3 Reasons Why Furnace Prep Is Necessary

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No one likes the colder months in Chicago, but denying they’re coming doesn’t make dealing with them any easier. One of the most crucial tasks when we start getting later in the year is making sure your furnace is ready for whatever the Midwest winter might bring its way. Here are just three of the many reasons why furnace prep should be a standard task when getting ready for the temperature to drop.

1. Spend Less on Staying Warm

We’d all love to see a little more left over in our monthly budgets. Effective furnace prep is one way you can make this a reality! Heating and cooling costs are a major line item in your budget. If you aren’t properly maintaining your furnace, it’s going to have to work harder than it should and this will drive up the cost of your monthly utility bills even more.

Your furnace working harder than it needs to has other consequences. You may have to schedule major repairs or even replace your furnace sooner than anticipated. These are expenses that happen eventually, but you can put them off for as long as possible when you’re maintaining your furnace and making sure it’s prepped for the cold season. Keeping up with furnace maintenance also allows you to stay under warranty so you can hold onto more of your hard-earned money if you experience furnace problems.

2. Be More Comfortable In Your Own Home

Your home should be a place where you feel the most comfortable. But if your furnace is having to work overtime just so you can pile on the blankets, you’re anything but comfortable. A tune-up will allow your furnace to evenly distribute warm air throughout your home at a steady pace. You’ll be able to go from one room to the next without drastically changing temperatures. All of this means you stay nice and comfy in your home, regardless of what may be happening outside.

3. Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Don’t forget the impact your furnace has on your family’s health and safety. For example, if your furnace’s heat exchanger is damaged, it could release carbon monoxide into your home which is a serious health risk. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelled so it’s crucial you’re taking steps to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by prepping your furnace.

Without regular furnace prep, you are also putting your furnace at risk of giving out unexpectedly. If your family is in the home, this is a safety hazard. If you’re gone at the time, you run the risk of pipes bursting.

Prep Your Furnace For Your Peace of Mind

If you haven’t ensured your furnace is ready for cold temperatures with standard maintenance, it’s time to give Action Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We’ll make sure that your furnace is ready to keep your home or business nice and warm all winter long in Chicago. Don’t wait until you experience a problem to get in touch with us. Call (630) 858-6315 today!

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