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Why a Humidifier Is Your Best Friend
in the Cold Months

Action Heating & Air Conditioning

We can’t live in denial anymore: Chicagoland has hit its cold season! You’ve no doubt broken out the warm sweaters and the fuzzy socks—but have you started using a humidifier? This is a cold-weather essential that you can’t overlook. Here’s how you’ll benefit from using a humidifier in the cold months.

It Keeps Your Skin from Getting Dry and Itchy

Dry skin is one of the major downsides of the colder seasons. But there are ways you can reduce your chances of suffering from dry skin—using a humidifier indoors is one of them! Because a humidifier supplies more water to the air in your home, it will help keep your skin moisturized and crack-free.

It Keeps Your Wood in Great Shape 

It’s not just your skin that may dry out in the winter months—it’s wood too. From wood flooring to wood furniture, a lack of moisture can be detrimental to your home, causing bubbling or gaps. If you want to care for your favorite wooden furnishings, turn on that humidifier! By keeping your home at a constant moisture level, you’ll be preserving the condition of the wood.

It May Help You Save on Utilities

Humidity can make you feel warmer. This isn’t just true when you’re outdoors. The same rule applies when you’re in your home. So if you want to feel warmer without turning up the heat, try turning on your humidifier. Your wallet will be much happier since this could help reduce your monthly utility costs.

It Will Help You Breathe More Easily

If anyone in your family has asthma or if you often experience respiratory infections, humidifiers are an easy lifestyle change you can make to improve your breathing quality. More moisture helps soothe your throat and nasal passages. If you have an allergy problem, a humidifier may also reduce allergy attacks during the colder months.

It Can Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Breathing more freely not only helps you stay healthy, but it can also help you get a better night’s sleep. When the air is dry, your sinuses are dry. This leads to snoring. But by adding moisture to the air, your sinuses will be more hydrated and you’ll be less likely to snore. Having a snore-free night is, of course, great for your sleep quality, but it’s also great for your partner’s sleep quality. Depending on how loudly you snore, it may even benefit your kids on the other side of the house!

Get Cold Season Ready in Glen Ellyn, IL & Chicagoland with
the Help of a Humidifier and Action Heating & Air Conditioning

While using a humidifier in the cold months can make this time of year a little more manageable, you don’t want to get caught in the middle of a Chicago winter with a furnace that’s operating at anything less than 100%. If you’re concerned that your furnace won’t be able to keep up this winter, give Action Heating & Cooling a call! We’ll make sure your furnace is ready to help you beat the cold!

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