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The Important Connection
Between Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Action Heating & Air Conditioning

Often, we are so focused on pollution and how it impacts the environment that we forget just how crucial the air quality in our homes and businesses is. Indoor air quality can have a major impact on your health, which is why you should prioritize ensuring yours is as good as possible. Here’s what you should know about the serious implications of having poor indoor air quality as well as how you can improve indoor air quality.

What Are Indoor Pollutants?

First, you need to understand what pollutants harm your indoor air quality. Pollutants can vary widely in how damaging they can be, but some of them include:

+ Pet dander
+ Dust mites
+ Mold
+ Asbestos
+ Pesticides
+ Tobacco smoke
+ Carbon monoxide

The source of these pollutants could come from within your home, but there also may be an outdoor source that has traveled inside.

How Indoor Pollution Harms Health

The effects of poor indoor air quality range from milder health impacts in the short term to some pretty serious ones in the long term if you are repeatedly exposed. Some of these milder effects include:

+ Eye, nose, and throat irritation
+ Headaches
+ Dizziness
+ Fatigue

A lot of people may not immediately connect the fact that these are related to poor indoor air quality since the symptoms are similar to colds and other viral diseases. If you already deal with a respiratory issue like asthma, being exposed to indoor air pollution can aggravate the symptoms. Some of the more serious health consequences that can come from poor indoor air quality especially with long-term exposure include heart disease, pneumonia, and even cancer.

It’s important to note that everyone reacts to indoor air quality differently. Children and the elderly may be at the greatest risk of being negatively impacted by indoor air pollutants as well as those who suffer from certain pre-existing medical conditions.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Fortunately, there are ways you can minimize indoor air pollutants and improve air quality in your home or business. When you’re cleaning, opt for more natural products since some harsh chemicals found in household cleaners create irritating fumes. You should also try to minimize how frequently you use fragranced air fresheners and candles.

Since fabrics collect a lot of pollutants, try to wash your bedding once a week in hot water. If possible, select hard flooring over carpet or remove carpeting in some rooms. Make sure everyone who comes into your house removes their shoes at the door to avoid tracking in particles from outside.

Optimize Air Quality with the Best Indoor Air Quality Systems in Chicago 

As you can see, caring for your home’s indoor air quality is crucial! One other thing you can do to improve air quality in your home or business is to get an indoor air quality system installed. Action Heating & Air Conditioning not only installs these systems but also offers maintenance and repairs. The F100 Whole-House Media Air Cleaner we use is 85% more effective at capturing airborne particles than the standard one-inch filters. This can have a major positive impact on your health!

To schedule an install or learn more about indoor air quality systems in Chicago, get in touch with Action Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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